closed, shut
locked, unlocked

The door was half-open when we got there.

back, front, rear, side

the back door of a house

the rear door of a car

entrance, main
inner, internal

The inner door leads to the safe and is always locked after 5 p.m.

external, outer

All external doors should be bolted top and bottom.

big, great, heavy, huge, massive, solid, thick

She had trouble pushing the heavy door open.

narrow, wide
iron, oak, steel, wooden, etc.
double, French (esp. AmE), patio

Go along the corridor and through the double doors.

screen (esp. AmE)
automatic, folding, revolving, sliding, swing (BrE), swinging (AmE)

He got stuck in a revolving door.

She pushed her way through the swing/swinging doors.

apartment (esp. AmE), bathroom, flat (BrE), kitchen, etc.
closet (esp. AmE), cupboard (esp. BrE), fridge, refrigerator
elevator (AmE), lift (BrE)
cubicle (esp. BrE), shower, stall (AmE)
barn, Dutch (AmE), stable
driver's, passenger
fire (= a heavy door used to prevent a fire from spreading in a building)
trap (usually trapdoor)
magic, mysterious, secret
fling open, open, pull open, push open, throw open

He flung the door open and caught them stuffing a document back into a briefcase.


I tried the door but it was locked.

bang, close, shut, slam
pull closed, pull shut, pull to (BrE), push to (BrE), slam shut

He pulled the door shut.

bar, bolt, lock

He arrived home to find the door barred.

Remember to bolt the door before you go to bed.

unbolt, unlatch (esp. AmE), unlock
keep closed, keep shut, leave closed, leave shut
leave on the latch (BrE)

I left the door on the latch so that I could sneak back in later.

keep open, leave ajar, leave open, prop open

Someone had propped the fire door open with a pile of books.

come in, go in
come out, go out, slip out of

He came in the side door.

approach, head for
bang on, knock at, knock on

I banged on the door for several minutes but still couldn't wake them.


Go and answer the door.

work (AmE)

He was working the door at the event.

see sb to
break down, kick down, kick in

They had to break the door down to get into the house.

burst open, creak open, fly open, open, slide open, swing open

The door burst open and a little boy ran in.

swing shut, swing to (BrE)
hang open
be ajar, stand ajar

The door stood ajar so I could see a narrow section of the room.

be open, stand open
be jammed, be stuck

The door was jammed shut.

bang, rattle, shake

I was woken by a door banging in the wind.

The door banged shut.

click shut, close, shut, slam, slam shut
connect sth

The door connecting the two offices is kept locked.

face sth
lead to sth, open onto sth

This door leads to my bedroom.

The door opens onto a sunny terrace.

be set in the wall

I stopped at a low oak door set in the stone wall.

bear sth, be marked sth

The door bore a notice saying ‘Private’.

I went through the door marked ‘Waiting Room’.

handle, knob (usually doorknob)
frame, jamb

He leaned against the door jamb.

furniture (BrE, technical), knocker
bell (usually doorbell)
chain (esp. BrE), latch (esp. AmE), lock

Always put the door chain on.

mat (usually doormat)
stop (usually doorstop)

This book would make a good doorstop.


automatic garage door openers


a creaking door hinge

mirror (esp. BrE), panel (on a car)

Parking is helped by wide door mirrors.

man (usually doorman), staff
prize (= a prize for having the winning ticket handed out at the entrance to a social event) (AmE)
around the door, round the door (esp. BrE)

She stuck her head around the door to say goodbye.

at the door

There's someone at the door.

in the door

He stood in the door for several minutes before deciding whether he'd stay.

through the door

He looked through the door to make sure the children were all right.

She poked her head through the door to say goodbye.

door into, door to

the door into the backyard

door between

the door between the laundry room and the garage

close, shut etc. the door behind you

He banged the front door behind him as he left.

hold the door for sb, open the door for sb
blow a door off its hinges, pull a door off its hinges, take a door off its hinges
shut, slam, etc. the door in sb's face

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