1 treating a person/group unfairly
gender, sex, sexual, sexual-orientation (esp. AmE)
age, class, race, racial
religious, social
pregnancy (esp. AmE)
viewpoint (AmE)

the First Amendment's ban on viewpoint discrimination


There is widespread discrimination against doctors of Asian origin.

active, blatant, direct, overt

evidence of active discrimination against black workers

direct, indirect (both BrE)
positive (BrE), reverse (AmE)

positive discrimination in favour of disadvantaged racial groups

They claim to be the victims of reverse discrimination.

illegal, unlawful

Overt sex or race discrimination is illegal.

employment, job, workplace (esp. AmE)
housing (AmE)
government, institutional, institutionalized

institutionalized discrimination against women in the police


Levels of discrimination against recent immigrants are high.

amount to, constitute

Racist remarks by an employer to an employee can amount to unlawful discrimination.

encounter, experience, face, suffer, suffer from

Many disabled people suffer discrimination at work.

allege, claim

lawsuits alleging discrimination

be opposed to, combat, fight
ban, bar (esp. AmE), forbid, outlaw, prohibit
eliminate, end, stop

The discrimination occurred at the shortlisting stage, not the interviews.


Does racial discrimination still exist in the workplace?

discrimination against

discrimination against women

discrimination by

discrimination by age/race

discrimination in favour/favor of

Some companies practise discrimination in favour of older people. (BrE)

Some companies practice discrimination in favor of older people. (AmE)

discrimination on the grounds of

It's time we banned discrimination on the grounds of age.

an act of discrimination
discrimination based on sth

discrimination based on sexuality

evidence of discrimination
a form of discrimination
racial and ethnic discrimination (AmE)

The law now prohibits racial and ethnic discrimination.

a victim of discrimination
2 ability to recognize differences
fine, great

Young children find it difficult to make fine discriminations.


She showed great discrimination in rejecting the poor quality teas.

discrimination between

discrimination between right and wrong

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