1 developing sth

School should encourage the full development of a student's talents.

continued, ongoing

The agency supports and promotes sustainable economic development.

healthy, normal
commercial, economic, industrial, socio-economic
evolutionary, historical
community, rural, suburban, urban

community development projects

brain, cell, etc.
artistic, cognitive, educational, emotional, intellectual, language, linguistic, moral, personal, physical, professional, psychological, sexual, social, spiritual

There is tremendous opportunity for personal and professional development at our company.

product, software, Web, website
drug, vaccine
adolescent, child
property (esp. BrE), real estate (AmE)
aid, allow, assist, encourage, enhance, facilitate, favour/favor, foster, permit, promote, spur, stimulate, support

Education stimulates the development of rational thinking.

A group of experts has been brought together to support the development of the project.

accelerate, speed up

Environmental factors can accelerate the development of certain cancers.

initiate, pioneer
guide, influence, shape

He influenced the development of modern dance.

affect, impact (esp. AmE)
arrest, delay, discourage, halt, hamper, hinder, impede, inhibit, prevent, restrict, retard, slow

Too much emphasis on memorizing facts can inhibit the development of creative thinking.


The city has undergone rapid development.


The company went deep into debt to finance the development of the engine.

lead, monitor, oversee, spearhead

A UN team is monitoring the development of the peace process.

trace, track

In the opening chapter, the author traces the development of judo from its ancient roots.

occur, take place
continue, progress
initiative, plan, programme/program, project, scheme (BrE), strategy
aid, assistance
efforts, work

The invention requires more development work to make it viable.


the lengthy development process of a new model of car


the three-year development cycle of their products

budget, capital, fund, grant
costs, expenditure
agency, company, firm, organization
committee, department, office
consultant, director, expert, manager, officer, team
during development

Cell divisions during development occur in a fixed sequence.

in development

A more powerful version of this electric bus is currently in development.

under development

A new vaccine is under development.

research and development

I do a lot of research and development work in my job.

a stage in the development of sth

an important stage in the development of Sino-American relations

a stage of development

This is a perfectly normal stage of development.

2 new event/idea
exciting, important, major, radical, remarkable, significant, striking
the latest, new, recent

The move from TV to movies was a logical development in her career.

political, scientific, technical, technological
occur, take place, unfold

the significant developments taking place in the health service

development in

new developments in medicine

3 area of new buildings
housing, residential
business, commercial
ribbon (BrE)

Ribbon developments (= lines of buildings) extended along the main road.


The building plans are for a mixed-use development.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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