be, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

a very detailed account of the events

extraordinarily, highly, immensely (esp. BrE), incredibly
meticulously, minutely
exquisitely, finely, richly

the exquisitely detailed carvings on the cathedral door

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incredibly, unusually
Detailed is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑advice, ↑analysis, ↑answer, ↑appraisal, ↑arrangement, ↑assessment, ↑bibliography, ↑biography, ↑blueprint, ↑breakdown, ↑brief, ↑briefing, ↑calculation, ↑classification, ↑comment, ↑commentary, ↑comparison, ↑consideration, ↑coverage, ↑critique, ↑data, ↑description, ↑diagram, ↑diary, ↑discussion, ↑document, ↑enquiry, ↑evaluation, ↑examination, ↑explanation, ↑exploration, ↑file, ↑forecast, ↑guidance, ↑guideline, ↑illustration, ↑implementation, ↑index, ↑information, ↑insight, ↑inspection, ↑instruction, ↑inventory, ↑investigation, ↑itinerary, ↑knowledge, ↑level, ↑list, ↑log, ↑look, ↑manual, ↑map, ↑memorandum, ↑model, ↑narrative, ↑nature, ↑note, ↑observation, ↑overview, ↑picture, ↑plan, ↑planning, ↑profile, ↑proposal, prospectus, ↑provision, ↑questionnaire, ↑quotation, ↑recommendation, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑report, ↑requirement, ↑research, ↑review, ↑scrutiny, ↑sketch, ↑specification, ↑statement, ↑study, ↑submission, ↑summary, ↑survey, ↑timetable, ↑tutorial, ↑understanding, ↑valuation, ↑workings

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