burning, deep, fervent, fierce, great, intense, passionate, strong, urgent

There's a growing desire among consumers for more organic products.

insatiable, unquenchable

Most children have an insatiable desire for knowledge.

overwhelming, uncontrollable
frustrated, thwarted, unfulfilled
hidden, secret

She confessed a secret desire to be famous.

earnest, genuine, real, sincere

The human desire for answers is very great.

individual, personal
innate, natural
subconscious, unconscious

The search for a better life is one of the most basic desires of human beings.


He is filled with conflicting desires.

carnal, erotic, sexual
heterosexual, homosexual, same-sex

a long-lasting relationship based on our mutual desire for peace

feel, harbour/harbor, have

I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to laugh


He did not share her desire for books.

arouse, create

His childhood had created a desire for stability in his life.

fuel, stimulate

This was all Liam needed to fuel his desire for revenge.

articulate, communicate, express, indicate, profess, reveal, signal, state, voice

The chairman expressed his desire to expand the company.

fulfil/fulfill, gratify, indulge, satisfy
control, overcome, resist, suppress

He suppressed the desire to run from the room.

demonstrate, reflect

His actions reflect his desire to fit in.

be driven by, be motivated by

They were motivated by a deep desire for money and fame.

desire for

Horses need to satisfy their desire for space and freedom.

an object of desire

He felt he was nothing more to her than an object of desire.

greatly, really, truly, very much

A home of her own was something she had always very much desired.

Desire is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑heart

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