excess, excessive

the dangers of excessive alcohol


Is it possible for cars to run on pure alcohol?

strong (AmE)
grain (AmE)
rubbing (AmE)
unit (esp. BrE)

You need to be careful how many units of alcohol you drink in a week.

bottle, glass

The driver had more than the permitted level of alcohol in his blood.

consume, drink
avoid, not touch, stay away from (esp. AmE), stay off

I haven't touched a drop of alcohol for three weeks.

abuse (formal)

Most drinkers do not abuse alcohol at all.

content, level

It can take a long time for blood alcohol levels to fall.

consumption, intake, use
abuse, addiction, dependence, misuse

People can find it hard to admit they have an alcohol problem.

under the influence of alcohol

He had been driving while under the influence of alcohol.

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