1 person who says what is bad/wrong with sth
bitter, fierce, harsh, hostile, severe, tough, trenchant (esp. BrE)

She is one of her husband's severest critics.


I am my own worst critic.

outspoken, vocal, vociferous
chief, great, leading, major, prominent

He is now a major critic of the nuclear industry.

answer, respond to
defend yourself against
prove wrong, silence

She is looking for a chance to prove her critics wrong.

accuse sb

Critics accused the government of giving in to pressure from the tobacco companies.

argue sth, believe sth, charge sth, claim sth, contend sth, fear sth, point sth out, say sth, suggest sth

Critics point out that poverty still exists.

complain, question
be right, be wrong
critic of

an outspoken critic of government policy

2 person who gives opinions about books, films/movies, etc.
good, great, incisive (esp. AmE)
distinguished, influential, leading
art, cultural, drama, film, literary, media, movie, music, restaurant, social, television, theatre/theater, etc.
hail sth, praise sth, rave

The movie was hailed by critics as a triumphant piece of realism.

attack sth, pan sth, slate sth (BrE)

The play was panned by critics.

call, describe sth

Some critics are calling him ‘the new De Niro’.

Critics described the paintings as worthless.

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