1 qualities/training/experience
excellent, good, impeccable, impressive, solid, strong

She always had the right credentials to make it in the world of country music.

academic, educational, teaching
diplomatic, military, political, professional, scientific, etc.
conservative, democratic, green, socialist, etc.
national-security (AmE)

Actor Brent Everett has impressive credentials.

establish, prove

They had already established their credentials as architects with office buildings.

burnish (esp. AmE), emphasize, strengthen, underline (esp. BrE)

Rush questioned his credentials to lead the group.

credentials as

First, he had to establish his credentials as a researcher.

credentials for

She had excellent credentials for the job.

2 documents
media, press (AmE)

Nearly 200 reporters applied for press credentials to cover the case.

check, examine

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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