1 gas/space
hot, warm
chill, cold, cool, crisp
clean, clear, fresh, pure

There are regulatory requirements for clean air and water.

We need some fresh air in this stuffy room!


The air was sweet with incense.

foul, foul-smelling, polluted, stale

the polluted air of our cities

the musty smell of stale air

damp, humid, moist

Nothing moved in the still air.


It's difficult carrying such heavy loads in the thin air of the mountains.


The air was thick with cigarette smoke.


They have developed an engine powered by compressed air.

country, mountain, sea
evening, morning, night

Music filled the night air.

blast, gust, rush

We felt a blast of cold air as she opened the door.


warm currents of air


He drew in another breath of air.


Land crabs breathe air and cannot swim.

breathe in, gulp in, inhale, suck in

She gulped in the fresh mountain air.

I sat for a moment, inhaling the fresh forest air.

fight for, gasp for

She was gasping for air as she ran out of the burning house.

smell, sniff

The dog stretched and sniffed the air.

fill, hang in

The tang of some wild herb hung in the air.

clear (figurative)

The argument helped to clear the air between them.


He punched the air in triumph.


Suddenly a scream pierced the air.

blow, circulate, flow, rise, rush, waft

The cool night air wafted in through the open windows.


equipment to monitor air quality

in the air, into the air

I kicked the ball high into the air.

through the air

Spicy smells wafted through the air.

in the open air (= outside)

The market is held in the open air.

2 for planes

We are cleared by Air Traffic Control to taxi and take off.

crash, disaster
attack, defence/defense, raid, strike

Three buildings were bombed last night in an air strike on the city.

by air (= by plane)

It only takes three hours by air.

from the air

The hideout is clearly visible from the air.

3 impression
have, retain

You have an air of authority.

add, bring, give (sth)

A stone balcony gives the building an air of elegance.

with an/the air

He leaned over to Melissa with an air of confidentiality.

air of

He had an air of mystery about him.

in public, openly, publicly

The issues were openly aired and discussed by the group.

Air is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑commercial, ↑station
Air is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ad, ↑commercial, ↑documentary, ↑episode, ↑grievance, ↑interview, ↑movie, ↑opinion, ↑prejudice, ↑programme, ↑room, ↑video, ↑view

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