1 purpose/goal
broad, general, overall
basic, central, fundamental
chief, first, key, main, major, overriding, primary, prime (BrE), principal

His sole aim in life is to enjoy himself.

clear, explicit, specific

It is important to have a clear aim in view.

high, noble, worthy (esp. BrE)

Simple truth must be the highest aim of any real investigation.

limited, modest

I want to see a strong and united country in which people work together with common aims.

immediate, initial
eventual, ultimate

His ultimate aim was to force the chairman to resign.

long-term, short-term
avowed, declared, express, expressed, stated

The express aim of the treaty is to keep the whole region free from nuclear weapons.

policy, political, strategic
set (yourself)
accomplish, achieve, fulfil/fulfill

You will have to work hard to achieve your aim.

further, pursue

They were intent on furthering their aims.

The country is still pursuing its aim of joining the EU.

with the aim of

She started the organization with the aim of helping local people.

aims and objectives

What are the aims and objectives of this visit?

2 pointing weapon, etc.
careful, direct, steady

I'll take more careful aim next time.


His aim was poor and he missed the target.

aim at

He took aim at the target and fired.

1 try/plan to achieve sth

She's aiming at a scholarship this year.


He is aiming for a win in this race.

aim high (= to attempt to achieve a lot)

a young man who is prepared to aim high

2 intend sth for sb
clearly, directly, squarely
largely, mainly, mostly, primarily, principally
particularly, specifically
be aimed at

educational courses aimed particularly at older people

3 point/direct sth at sb
directly, straight
carefully, deliberately

She aimed the gun straight at the intruder.


Aim for his legs, not his body.

Aim is used with these nouns as the object: ↑arrow, ↑blow, ↑bow, ↑camera, ↑cannon, ↑gun, ↑kick, ↑laser, ↑missile, ↑pistol, ↑revolver, ↑rifle, ↑shot, ↑shotgun, ↑weapon

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