broad, full, general, larger, overall, wider

You have to see the problem in a wider context.


A work which transcends its immediate historical context and speaks to later generations.

correct, natural, proper, real, right
appropriate, realistic, relevant

to present examples of language in use in an appropriate context

certain, given, particular, specific

These actions only have meaning within certain specific contexts.

changed, changing, different, new, novel

Children need meaningful contexts for their work in science.

contemporary, modern
current, present
everyday, normal
domestic, global, international, local, national, regional

It is natural to find conflict in the work environment, in the family, or any other human context.

experimental, practical, theoretical
classroom, educational, school
business, commercial, economic, work
cultural, environmental, family, institutional, social
geographical, historical, legal, literary, political, religious
Christian, Islamic, etc.
African, Asian, etc.
give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

Institutions provide a context in which individuals can take on different roles.

place sth in, put sth into, set sth in

This speech needs to be set in the context of Britain in the 1960s.

create, establish

How can teachers create the right context for kids?

quote sth out of, take sth out of

Her reply was quoted out of context and seemed to mean something quite different from what she had intended.

in (a/the) context

Similar problems have arisen in other contexts.

His decision can only be understood in context.

within a/the context

You have to look at these remarks within the context of the recent scandals.

context for

a neutral context for sharing and debating ideas

a range of contexts, a variety of contexts

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