1 lesson/group of students
big, large
advanced, beginners' (BrE), beginning (AmE), elementary, intermediate, introductory, remedial
master (usually masterclass)
biology, history, etc.
acting, creative-writing, dance (AmE), dancing (BrE), etc.
evening, night (esp. AmE)
college, high-school, kindergarten, undergraduate (all AmE)
entering, incoming (= the students starting a school or college in a particular year) (both AmE)
attend, go to, take

He's taking classes in pottery.

enrol/enroll in, sign up for
cut (AmE), miss, skip (AmE)
disrupt, interrupt

The institute holds evening classes throughout the year.


The college offers classes in many subjects.

conduct, give, lead (AmE), run (esp. AmE), take, teach

Who's taking the class today?


Class dismissed!

fail, flunk (both AmE)
pass (AmE)
ace (AmE, informal)
observe, sit in on
be easy, be hard
be available
graduate (AmE)
member, teacher
schedule (AmE)
period (AmE)
in (a/the) class

We'll start the exercise in class.

Which history class are you in?

class in

She's going to evening classes in Italian.

the back of the class, the front of the class

He sat at the back of the class.

be top of the class, come top of the class

She came top of the class in English.

the class of …  (= a group of students who finish their studies in a particular year)

the class of 2008

the entire class, the whole class
2 social/economic group
leisure (= rich people), lower, lower-middle, middle, upper, upper-middle, working

sections of the working class

chattering (BrE), educated, elite, governing, political, privileged, professional, ruling, wealthy

topics being discussed at the breakfast tables of the chattering classes

capitalist, entrepreneurial, merchant
labouring/laboring, peasant
landed, landowning
social, socio-economic

Membership of the club is drawn from all social classes.

structure, system
conflict, differences, divisions, struggle, war, warfare
3 group of things
large, small
age, weight
constitute, form

These writers form a distinct class in Russian literature.

class of

a rare class of neurological diseases

be in a class of your own, be in a different class (= to be much better than others)
4 high quality/style
great, real

a player of great class


She has real class.

a touch of class

The musical entertainment added a touch of class to the occasion.

Class is used with these nouns: ↑act, ↑registration, ↑test

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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