narrow, wide
marginal, peripheral, transition, transitional, twilight

a transition zone between tropical and arid vegetations

the twilight zone between living and merely existing

border, frontier
battle, combat, conflict, military, war
buffer, demilitarized, exclusion, no-fly, no-go

This area behind the station is a no-go zone for tourists.

occupation, occupied
free-fire (AmE, also figurative), kill, target

The Internet has become a free-fire zone for conspiracy theories(= there are no restrictions).

Our truck was trapped in the kill zone (= where it can be attacked).


The region has been declared an ecological disaster zone.

safe, safety, security

She stood some distance away from him to maintain a safety zone.

drug-free, nuclear-free, smoke-free, traffic-free, etc.

Most of the old town is a traffic-free zone.

northern, southern, etc.
earthquake, fault, seismic
climate, climatic
temperate, tropical

the temperate and tropical zones of South America


an oxygen-depleted dead zone at the bottom of the sea

economic, enterprise, fishing, free-trade, industrial

an industrial zone of factories, warehouses and shipyards

pedestrian (BrE)
school (AmE)

Vancouver is in the same time zone as Los Angeles.

drop, landing
relegation (BrE)

The team finds itself in the relegation zone after a run of poor results.

strike (in baseball)
end (in American football)

Students are unwilling to step outside their comfort zone.

control, patrol

The rebels control the southern border zone.

create, declare sth, designate sth, establish

The area has been declared a closed military zone.


Fighter planes are being sent to enforce the UN no-fly zone.


An enemy plane was shot down after it violated the exclusion zone.

cross into, enter

We were crossing into a new time zone.


Aid workers were advised to leave the danger zone.

divide sth into

Europe is divided into economic zones.

in a/the zone, within a/the zone

The plant grows only in the temperate zone.

Companies within enterprise zones are given special help.

into a/the zone

We had accidentally strayed into the war zone.

out of a/the zone
zone between

the neutral zone between the two countries

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