1 person who sees sth
crucial (esp. BrE), key, material, vital (esp. BrE)

As the last person to see her alive, he was a material witness in the case.

independent (esp. BrE)
credible, reliable
silent (figurative)

The ancient temples bear silent witness to the passing dynasties.

appeal for (esp. BrE)

The police are appealing for witnesses.


Police have so far failed to trace any witnesses to the attack.

come forward

Two witnesses came forward with evidence.


Witnesses reported that the suspect was a white male.

account, statement (esp. BrE)
according to witness

According to witnesses, the thief escaped through the bedroom window.

witness to

a witness to murder

2 in a court of law
chief, main, principal (esp. BrE), star (esp. AmE)

the prosecution's chief witness

reluctant, unwilling
defence/defense, prosecution
federal, state, state's (all AmE)
civilian, police (BrE)
call, subpoena, summon (esp. BrE)

The defence called their first witness.

be called as, be subpoenaed as, be summoned as (esp. BrE)

He was subpoenaed as a witness in a bankruptcy case.

appear as

She appeared as a character witness.

swear in
cross-examine, examine, interrogate, interview, question
intimidate, threaten

A judicial investigation was ordered, but witnesses were threatened and none would testify.

be sworn in, take the stand

The next witness took the stand.

give evidence, testify
state sth
identify sb

She was the only witness to identify Peters as the attacker.

box (BrE), stand (AmE)
summons (BrE)
testimony (esp. AmE)
intimidation (esp. BrE), tampering (esp. AmE)

The jury convicted him on two counts of witness tampering.


She went into a witness protection program. (AmE)

He was placed on a witness protection scheme. (BrE)

a witness for the defence/defense, a witness for the prosecution
3 of a signature
act as
in front of witness

the marriage contract is signed in front of witnesses

witness to

Would you be willing to act as a witness to my signature when I sign my will?

Witness is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑century, ↑decade
Witness is used with these nouns as the object: ↑act, ↑beginning, ↑collapse, ↑crime, ↑death, ↑decline, ↑destruction, ↑display, ↑downturn, ↑emergence, ↑erosion, ↑escalation, ↑event, ↑execution, ↑explosion, ↑horror, ↑improvement, ↑incident, ↑miracle, ↑murder, ↑revival, ↑scene, ↑shift, ↑sight, ↑signature, ↑spectacle, ↑suffering, ↑tragedy, ↑transformation, ↑violence

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