Whisk the egg whites until stiff.

beat, whip, whisk
the white of an egg

Use the whites of two eggs.

adj., noun
1 of the colour of snow or milk
dead, pure
bright, brilliant
creamy, icy, milky
as white as a ghost, as white as snow
2 very pale because of illness or fear
be, look
go, turn
extremely, very

He turned white with anger.

as white as a sheet
White is used with these nouns: ↑applicant, ↑beach, ↑beard, ↑blossom, ↑bread, ↑cabbage, ↑chalk, ↑chocolate, ↑Christmas, ↑cloud, ↑coat, ↑coffee, ↑corn, ↑domination, ↑elite, ↑envelope, ↑expanse, ↑face, ↑fang, ↑feminist, ↑filling, ↑fish, ↑flag, ↑flesh, ↑flight, ↑flour, ↑folk, ↑frost, ↑gold, ↑grape, ↑guilt, ↑guy, ↑hair, ↑heat, ↑key, ↑knuckle, ↑liberal, ↑lie, ↑light, ↑limousine, ↑loaf, ↑magic, ↑majority, ↑male, ↑man, ↑mane, ↑marble, ↑meat, ↑minority, ↑mist, ↑mouse, ↑neighbourhood, ↑noise, ↑oppression, ↑people, ↑pepper, ↑person, ↑population, ↑porcelain, ↑rice, ↑roll, ↑sand, ↑sauce, ↑sheet, ↑skin, ↑smoke, ↑snowflake, ↑sock, ↑space, ↑suburb, ↑sugar, ↑superiority, ↑supremacy, ↑swan, ↑tea, ↑tie, ↑toast, ↑tooth, ↑trash, ↑veil, ↑wedding, ↑wine, ↑worker, ↑youth

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