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  • web-enabled — ˈweb enˌabled adjective COMPUTING able to connect to or be used on the World Wide Web: • web enabled software for the financial industry * * * web enabled UK US (also Web enabled) adjective IT, INTERNET ► …   Financial and business terms

  • Web-enabled — ˈWeb enabled 8 [Web enabled] adjective able to be connected to and used with the Internet • a Web enabled interface …   Useful english dictionary

  • Neopost web-enabled stamps — 34c Pane of 4 Stamps Neopost web enabled stamps or Neopostage is a postage stamp that is part of the family of computerized postage. These stamps were developed by Neopost Online and Northrop Grumman Corporation.[1] The joint effort resulted in… …   Wikipedia

  • -enabled — UK [ɪneɪb(ə)ld] US [ɪnˈeɪb(ə)ld] suffix computing used with some nouns to make adjectives meaning using a particular piece of software WAP enabled phones Thesaurus: suffixeshyponym * * * enabled …   Useful english dictionary

  • web-enable — UK US verb [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they web enable he/she/it web enables present participle web enabling past tense …   Useful english dictionary

  • web-enable — UK / US verb [transitive] Word forms web enable : present tense I/you/we/they web enable he/she/it web enables present participle web enabling past tense web enabled past participle web enabled computing to make a piece of electronic equipment or …   English dictionary

  • -enabled — [ɪneɪbld] suffix COMPUTING Internet enabled/​e enabled using or able to use the Internet to do business, send email etc: • Internet enabled mobile phones • e enabled learning centres * * * enabled suffix ► used to describe a piece of equipmen …   Financial and business terms

  • Web 3.0 — is one of the terms used to describe the evolutionary stage of the Web that follows Web 2.0. Given that technical and social possibilities identified in this latter term are yet to be fully realised the nature of defining Web 3.0 is highly… …   Wikipedia

  • Web.config — Web.config  это файл, определяющий параметры для ASP.NET web приложения. По сути, файл web.config  это XML документ. В нем хранится информация о параметрах поставщиков состояний сеансов, членства, определяются ссылки на страницы ошибок …   Википедия

  • Web Services Resource Framework — (WSRF) is a family of OASIS published specifications for web services. Major contributors include the Globus Alliance and IBM.A web service by itself is nominally stateless, i.e., it retains no data between invocations. This limits the things… …   Wikipedia

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