1 money, property, etc.
considerable, enormous, fabulous, great, immense, incredible, tremendous, unimaginable, unprecedented, untold, vast

It is a country of fabulous wealth.

growing, increasing

the relative wealth of the nation

economic, financial, material, mineral, natural

The country's strong economy was built on its mineral wealth.

The region possesses a vast natural wealth, particularly of timber.


the great oil wealth of the region


The average family increased its net wealth by 50% between 1989 and 2001.

corporate, national, personal, private
household (esp. AmE)

Rising employment and household wealth are bolstering spending.

family, inherited

a tax on inherited wealth


She wants to protect their new-found wealth.


the pursuit of instant wealth


the kind of capital that generates new wealth


the accumulated wealth from his business


the total wealth of the global economy

have, possess
accumulate, achieve, acquire, amass, build, gain, increase

He lost his wealth through poor investment.

create, generate, produce
distribute, share, spread

He has no family with whom he can share his wealth.

display, flaunt

He's never flaunted his wealth.


She enjoys enormous wealth and material pleasures.

a distribution of wealth, a redistribution of wealth

a redistribution of wealth through taxation

2 a wealth of a lot of
enormous, great, immense, incredible, tremendous, whole

Switzerland has an enormous wealth of beautiful old buildings.

offer, provide

The website provides a wealth of information.


He brings a wealth of experience to the cooperative.


This chapter contains a wealth of information in a very concise form.

of … wealth

She is a woman of untold wealth.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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