long, short
impending, ongoing
all-out, full-scale, total

Six years of total war had left no citizen untouched.

pre-emptive, preventative (AmE)
holy, just, religious
civil, global, world
air, guerrilla
atomic, nuclear
economic, trade
drug (esp. AmE)
bidding, price
class, culture (esp. AmE)
phoney (BrE)
be in, fight in

My grandfather fought in the Korean War.

fight, make, wage

The two countries fought a short but bloody war.

The Spartans were persuaded to make war on Athens.

The terrorists were charged with waging war against the state.


The United States entered the war in 1917.

launch, start

They launched a trade war against France.


He fears the violence could spark a civil war.

go to

The country went to war in 1939.

avert, prevent
be devastated by, be ravaged by
be killed in
approach, loom, threaten
begin, break out, come, erupt, start
escalate, spread

talks to prevent the war from escalating

continue, drag on, go on, last, progress, rage, rage on

The war raged for nearly two years.

come to an end, end

the shortage of food during the war years

hero, veteran
chief, leader
casualties, victims

the war correspondent of a daily newspaper


critiques of the mainstream media's war coverage

artist, poet (both esp. BrE)

Every available resource went towards/toward the war effort.


Both candidates have distinguished war records.

crime, criminal
cemetery, graves, memorial

The government has a $20-billion war chest to fight terrorism.

bride, widow
cry, dance

the Soviet war machine

at war

a country at war

between the wars (= between the First and Second World Wars), in (a/the) war

killed in war

He took part in the Vietnam War.

war against, war with

the war against the French

a war against drug abuse

war between

war between Iran and Iraq

war for

the Greek war for independence

war of

a war of liberation

war on

The US declared war on Japan.

war with

a trade war with the United States

the aftermath of the war

Unexploded mines were a big danger to civilians in the aftermath of the war.

the brink of war

The crisis took Europe to the brink of war.

the course of a/the war

He was wounded twice during the course of the war.

a declaration of war

Congress has made a formal declaration of war.

the horrors of war

The country had just emerged from the horrors of civil war.

in a state of war

The country was now in a state of war.

in time of war, in times of war

In times of war, troops were billeted in the mill.

on a war footing

The army had been placed on a war footing.

the outbreak of war

At the outbreak of war, most children were evacuated to the countryside.

the outcome of a/the war

The outcome of the war was far from certain.

a prisoner of war

He was held as a prisoner of war.

a theatre/theater of war

The country has long been a theatre/theater of war.

a war of attrition

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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