1 choice/decision made by voting
huge, massive (esp. BrE), overwhelming, resounding (esp. BrE)

an overwhelming vote in favour/favor of autonomy

close, knife-edge (esp. BrE), narrow (esp. BrE)
two-thirds, two-to-one, etc.
democratic, direct, free (BrE)

Members of Parliament will have a free vote on this bill.

transferable (BrE)

The single transferable vote system operates.


The law was ratified by popular vote.

casting, decisive
crucial, important, key
affirmative, favourable/favorable, yes
negative, no

He lost the election because of the protest vote.

tactical (BrE)
floating (BrE), swing (esp. AmE)
postal (BrE), proxy
invalid, valid
congressional, parliamentary, Senate

He won the seat thanks to Polish block votes.

The union wants the system of block votes to continue.

black, Hispanic, Jewish, etc.

Ferrer got 84% of the Hispanic vote.

confirmation, floor, recall, up-or-down (= on which members vote yes or no), voice (all AmE)
party-line (AmE)
Conservative, Republican, etc.
have, hold, put sth to the, take

We should put the resolution to the vote.

Let's take a vote on the issue.


The chairperson always has the casting vote.

cast, record (formal)

You can cast your vote at the local polling station.

50% of the eligible voters recorded their vote.

gain, garner, get, obtain, poll, receive, secure, win

Our candidate polled only 10% of the vote.

need, require
sway, swing

factors that could swing the vote against the president


Bush had courted the military vote.

count, tally

Votes are still being counted.

divide, split

the party that split the Republican vote

delay, postpone
give sb
deny sb
throw away, waste
go to sb/sth

My vote will go to the party that addresses crime.


The party's vote fell by 6%.

increase, rise

Everyone's vote counts.

by vote

The bill was passed by a single vote.

Members are elected by direct vote.

Mr Olsen was approved by a vote of 51–47.

vote against
vote for, vote in favour/favor (of sth)

a vote for the government

vote on

a vote on the new law

change your vote

They want to persuade voters to change their vote.

force a vote (on sth)

Any senator can force a vote on virtually any proposal.

a vote of confidence, a vote of no confidence

The government received a massive vote of confidence from the electorate.

a vote of thanks

A special vote of thanks went to the organizer, Tom Woodhouse.

take a quick vote

We took a quick vote to decide on a leader.

2 the vote legal right to vote in elections

How many years is it since women have had the vote?

give sb

The committee voted unanimously to accept the plans.


The Senate voted narrowly to continue funding the plan.

tactically (BrE)
down, in, out

The proposal was voted down.

be eligible to, be entitled to

young people who are eligible to vote for the first time

intend to

They voted overwhelmingly against the proposal.


They all voted for the new tax.


She returned home in order to vote in the elections.

in favour/favor of

The committee voted in favour/favor of the plan.


the government that has just been voted into power


She was voted off the committee.

on, upon

Stockholders have the right to vote on the proposal.

Parliament is to vote on tobacco advertising tomorrow.

out of

He was voted out of office.

(by) … to do sth

They voted 15 to 2 to accept the offer.


Her party voted with the government.

the right to vote

Everyone over 18 has the right to vote.

a round of voting

She was elected on the second round of voting.

vote Conservative, Labour, Republican, etc.
vote no, vote yes

They voted yes to the agreement.

Vote is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑assembly, ↑conference, ↑congress, ↑council, ↑delegate, ↑elector, ↑electorate, ↑legislature, ↑meeting, ↑member, ↑panel, ↑parliament, ↑representative, ↑shareholder, ↑stockholder, ↑viewer, ↑voter, ↑worker
Vote is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ticket, ↑yes

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