1 sb who offers to do sth

The office is staffed by unpaid volunteers.

full-time, part-time
committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, willing
qualified, trained
potential, prospective
conservation (BrE), hospital, Red Cross
church, community
parent, student
army, band, group, network, team

An army of volunteers cooked meals for the children.

appeal for, ask for, call for, look for

The charity is appealing for volunteers to take elderly patients to and from hospital.

find, get, recruit

We can't get any volunteers to help in the kitchen.


The local community provided volunteers to repair the road.

could use (esp. AmE), need, want
work as
come forward (esp. BrE)

Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to offer their help.

man sth, staff sth
run sth
carry sth out
participate (in sth)
provide support, support sb

The support our volunteers provide cannot be measured in purely practical terms.

help do sth
staff, worker
coordinator, counsellor/counselor, driver, helper (BrE)
firefighter, fireman
activity, effort, service, work
vacation (AmE)
volunteer for

He worked as a volunteer for Oxfam.

2 in the armed forces
army, civilian
serve as
army, corps, force, regiment, unit
military (AmE)
graciously (esp. AmE), kindly

David graciously volunteered to model for the art class.

Barbara has kindly volunteered to lead the session.


We volunteered as witnesses.


I volunteered for service in the Air Force.

Volunteer is used with these nouns as the object: ↑information

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