big, famous, glorious, great, historic, huge, impressive, major, notable, outstanding (esp. BrE), remarkable, sensational, significant, superb (esp. BrE), tremendous
clear, clear-cut, comfortable, convincing, crushing, easy, emphatic (esp. BrE), handsome (BrE), landslide, overwhelming, resounding, sweeping

His party won a landslide victory in the elections.

complete, comprehensive (esp. BrE), outright, total
conclusive, decisive

The army won the decisive victory that changed the course of the war.


This series of bloodless victories won him widespread domestic support.


He saw it as a small victory over the increasingly repressive policies.

dramatic, thrilling
shock (BrE), stunning, surprise, unexpected, upset (AmE)

He surprised the nation with an upset victory over the incumbent leader.

crucial, important, vital (BrE)
deserved, well-deserved
first-round, second-round, etc. (sports)
final-round, play-off, semi-final, etc. (sports)
back-to-back, consecutive, straight

Of their nine consecutive victories, five have been at home.

hollow, Pyrrhic
electoral, legislative (AmE), military, moral, political, tactical
election, re-election
achieve, capture, clinch, notch up (esp. BrE), post, pull off, record, score, secure, snatch, win

The Hungarians pulled off a surprise victory against the Italian champions.

eke out (esp. AmE)

Bush barely eked out a victory in 2000.

assure, ensure

They would do anything to ensure victory for themselves.


A goal in the final seconds of the game sealed their victory.


The team has tasted victory for the first time this season.

end in
romp to (BrE), storm to, sweep to

The party swept to victory in the 2008 election.

hail sth as

Union leaders hailed the socialists' victory as a huge step forward.

enjoy, savour/savor

The outcome left both sides claiming victory.

announce, declare, proclaim
gain sb, give sb, hand sb
deny sb

The Dutch champions were denied victory in a tough 2–2 draw at Porto.

bring, deliver, produce

Any mistake by the Democrats could deliver a Republican victory.

celebration, parade, party
dance, salute, sign

She made a victory sign with her two fingers.


The winners took a victory lap after the race.


a 98 000-vote victory margin

victory against

a victory against racism

victory for

The case was hailed as a victory for the common man.

victory over

their resounding victory over India

snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

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