1 sb who has served in the army, navy, etc.
combat (esp. AmE), war
army, military, navy
decorated (esp. AmE)
ageing/aging, old
disabled, wounded
returning (esp. AmE)
Vietnam, World War Two, etc.

Were veterans honoured and adequately rewarded for their sacrifice?

fight, serve

veterans who served in Vietnam


Veterans returned to heroes' welcomes.

veteran of

a veteran of World War Two

2 sb with long experience of an activity, etc.
battle-scarred, grizzled, long-time (esp. AmE), seasoned

He is now a grizzled veteran of TV shows.

He's a seasoned veteran of the political establishment.

eight-year, seven-year, etc.

an eight-year veteran of the New York Yankees

campaigner, leader, politician
broadcaster, reporter
actor, director
defender, pitcher, player, quarterback, etc. (sports)
veteran of

a veteran of numerous political campaigns

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