1 container
rectangular, square
upturned (esp. BrE)

They were sitting around the fire on upturned boxes.

cardboard, metal, plastic, wooden, etc.
cereal, chocolate, cigar, egg (BrE) (egg carton in AmE), pizza
jewel, jewellery/jewelry, shoe, tool (usually toolbox)
lunch, sandwich (BrE)
safe deposit, safety deposit, security

There is a safety deposit box in every room of the hotel.

cash, money (esp. BrE)

The cash box was kept in a safe.

She opened her money box to see if she had saved enough for a tennis racket.

collection, donation

The exhibition is free, but there is a collection box for donations.

letter (BrE), mail (usually mailbox) (AmE)
nest, nesting
pile, stack
fill, pack

She filled the box with old clothes.

pack sth in, pack sth into, put sth away in, put sth in, put sth into, store sth in

We packed all the books into boxes.

remove sth from, take sth out of
empty, unpack
close, shut
place, stack
be filled with sth, be full of sth, contain sth, hold sth

This box holds ten 10 candles and costs $21.40.

be labelled/labeled sth, be marked sth

a box marked ‘fragile’

be covered in sth, be covered with sth, be lined with sth

The dog sleeps in a box lined with an old blanket.

in a/the box, inside a/the box
into a/the box
out of a/the box
box of

a box of chocolates

the lid of a box
2 enclosed area
call, phone, telephone (all BrE)
jury, witness
commentary (BrE), press

There was a babble of languages in the commentary box when the race began.

director's, executive, hospitality (all BrE)

They drank champagne as they watched the game from the executive box.

private, royal

a private box at the opera

signal (BrE)
horse (usually horsebox) (BrE)

The car in front was pulling a horsebox.

in a/the box, into a/the box
3 square on a form/screen
appropriate, relevant (esp. BrE)

Tick the appropriate box below.


Click on ‘open file’ in the dialog box.

check, tick (BrE) (usually checkbox, tickbox)
check (esp. AmE), fill in, mark (esp. AmE), put sth in, tick (BrE), write (sth) in

Put a cross in the box if you agree with the comments.

in a/the box, into a/the box
tick all the boxes (= do exactly the right things to please sb) (BrE, informal)

The house we would like to buy ticks all the boxes.

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