1 kind/sort
distinct, distinctive, specific, well-defined
certain, particular

certain types of cancer


Two broad types of approach can be identified.

main, major, predominant, principal
basic, common, conventional, standard, traditional

a novel type of sculpture

favourite/favorite, popular

the ideal type of helmet for caving

body, personality, physical
blood, cell, hair, skin, tissue, etc.
habitat, rock, soil, vegetation
distinguish, identify, recognize
classify, define, determine
choose, select, specify
revert to

The boss came back to work all relaxed, but now he's reverting to type.

in type

The recession is similar in type to that of ten years ago.

of a type

a motel of a type that has all but vanished

type of

There are various types of daffodil(s).

of its type

This exercise is the hardest of its type.

a range of types, a variety of types
2 person
adventurous, athletic, sporty
quiet, shy, silent

He must be the strong silent type.

jealous, marrying, old-fashioned

I am definitely not the marrying type.

He was the old-fashioned type, well-mannered and always in a suit and tie.

artistic, creative, literary, media

West Coast media types

City (= a person who works in finance in the City of London) (BrE), corporate, Wall Street (esp. AmE)

The bar was crowded with corporate types in suits.

true to type (esp. BrE)

True to type, Adam turned up an hour late.

(not) your type

She's not really my type—she's a little too serious.

3 printed letters
bold, boldface
print sth in, set sth in

Key paragraphs of the report are set in italic type.

in … type

The important words are in bold type.

quickly, rapidly

He was sitting at his desk typing furiously.

out, up

I've written the report and will type it up next week.


She typed her password in.


Sam typed away for a few minutes.

back (esp. AmE)

She quickly typed back a response.


She typed the details into the computer.


This letter was typed on an electronic typewriter.

Type is used with these nouns as the object: ↑command, ↑document, ↑email, ↑manuscript, ↑memo, ↑password, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑word

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