1 act of twisting sth
little, slight
quick, sharp

‘You're brave’ she said, with a wry twist of the mouth.

give sth

Give the lid another twist.

twist of

He finished him off with a quick twist of the knife.

twist to

a wry twist to her lips

2 change/development
final, latest

the latest twist in the saga of high-level corruption

added, extra, further
fresh, modern, new

The movie gives this old legend a real modern twist.

clever, interesting, intriguing, neat, nice
bizarre, curious, dramatic, ironic, odd, strange, surprise, surprising, unexpected, unique, unusual, weird
cruel, shocking, vicious

a cruel twist of fate

little, slight

That adds a slight twist to this battle

give sth

The writer takes well-known fairy tales and gives them an ironic twist.

have, offer

The movie has some unexpected twists.


I added my own twist to the whole thing.


The scandal has taken a new twist this week.

ending (esp. AmE)

horror movies with twist endings

in a twist, with a twist

classic French dishes with a twist (= with a difference)

twist in

a twist in the plot

twist on

I thought it would be an interesting twist on the zombie movie.

twist to

In a bizarre twist to the evening the police came at eleven and arrested our host.

a twist in the tale

I find this latest twist in the tale most intriguing.

The story has a twist in the tail.

a twist of fate
twists and turns

the twists and turns in the economy

3 in a road, river, etc.
twist in

a sharp twist in the road

twists and turns

the twists and turns of the river


She twisted slightly in her chair to look up at him.


Gently twist off the green stalks.

quickly, slowly

She placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted slowly.


She fired again and saw the creature twist violently.

badly (esp. BrE), painfully

She badly twisted her ankle on the high jump.

The boy's leg was twisted back painfully.


His mouth twisted bitterly.


Amanda nervously twisted her hair.

away, off, together, up

Her black hair was twisted up into a knot on top of her head.


He twisted sideways to face her.

around, round (esp. BrE)

I twisted the bandage around his leg.


My stomach twisted into knots.

Nicola's face twisted into a grimace of disgust.


His face was twisted with rage.

twist and turn

The road twists and turns along the coast.

twist (yourself) free

He managed to twist himself free.

twist sth out of shape

Her mouth was twisted out of shape by grief.

Twist is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑face, ↑grimace, ↑mouth, ↑road, ↑stomach
Twist is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ankle, ↑arm, ↑dial, ↑hip, ↑knee, ↑knife, ↑knob, ↑strand, ↑truth, ↑wire, ↑word, ↑wrist

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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