deciduous, evergreen
exotic, tropical
forest, woodland (esp. BrE)
big, giant, great, high, huge, large, massive, mighty, tall
low, small, stunted
old, young
bare, leafless

We sat beneath a shady tree.


It was a small town of dust lanes and wide shade trees.


a gnarled old apple tree


A fallen tree was blocking the road.

apple, cherry, maple, peach, pear, etc.
beech, oak, palm, pine, willow, etc.
clump, copse, grove
avenue (esp. BrE), belt (esp. BrE), line
grow, plant
chop down, cut down, fell

Protesters formed a human blockade to stop loggers felling trees.


The floods left a tide of mud and uprooted trees.

be shaded by

An enormous oak tree stands at the entrance to the school.

line sth, surround sth

Palm trees line the broad avenue.


Trees swayed gently in the breeze.

be blown down, blow down, fall
bear sth, produce sth

The tree produces tiny white blossoms.

provide sth
bark, branch, leaves, limb, root, stump, trunk
tops (usually treetops)

dappled shafts of light which struggled through the tree canopy


Tree cover would prevent further soil erosion.

felling, planting
line (usually treeline)

Above the treeline, take a grassy path leading steeply to the summit.


The tree belt around the fields acts as a windbreak.


The forest can be dated by studying tree rings.


tree damage caused by acid rain


He bought tools and seeds with the aim of setting up a tree nursery.

hugger (usually tree-hugger) (= sb who is anxious to protect the environment) (disapproving, humorous)
in a/the tree

a bird in a tree

on a/the tree

fruit on a tree

under a tree

We sat under a tree, in the shade.

up a/the tree

The cat got stuck up a tree.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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