big, great, real, special

I like to give the girls a little treat every now and then.

occasional, rare
birthday (esp. BrE), Christmas (esp. BrE), festive (esp. BrE), holiday (esp. AmE)
delicious, sweet, tasty

Snails are a tasty treat for hedgehogs.

frozen (AmE)
musical, visual
dog (esp. AmE)
give sb
as a treat, for a treat

I took the kids to the zoo for a special treat.

be in for a treat, have a treat in store (esp. BrE)

If their latest album is half as good as their last one, we've a real treat in store.

1 handle sb/sth in a particular way
equally, equitably, fairly, humanely, kindly, leniently, sympathetically, well
abominably, badly, harshly, roughly, shabbily, unfairly, unjustly

They treat their animals quite badly.


These allegations are being treated very seriously indeed.


He is guilty and should be treated accordingly.

in the same way
tend to

Parents still tend to treat boys differently from girls.


the tendency to treat older people as helpless


Don't treat me like a child!


He treated the idea with suspicion.

deserve to be treated

They deserve to be treated with patience and respect.

2 give sb medical treatment
appropriately, properly
effectively, successfully
medically, surgically
be difficult to
use sth to

She was treated for cuts and bruises.


We can treat this condition successfully with antibiotics.

be effective in treating sth

The drug is effective at treating depression.

3 use a substance to protect sth

Chemically treated hair can become dry and brittle.


You need to treat this wood for woodworm.


The timber has been treated with chemicals to preserve it.

Treat is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑drug, ↑staff, ↑vet, ↑veterinarian
Treat is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abscess, ↑acne, ↑addiction, ↑ailment, ↑alcoholism, ↑allergy, ↑arthritis, ↑asthma, ↑burn, ↑cancer, ↑colic, ↑condition, ↑constipation, ↑corn, ↑depression, ↑disease, ↑disorder, ↑HIV, ↑illness, ↑impotence, ↑incontinence, ↑indigestion, ↑infection, ↑infertility, ↑injury, ↑leather, ↑malaria, ↑matter, ↑migraine, ↑pain, ↑patient, ↑phobia, ↑schizophrenia, ↑sewage, ↑sick, ↑sickness, ↑slave, ↑subject, ↑survivor, ↑symptom, ↑syndrome, ↑timber, ↑tumour, ↑victim, ↑waste, ↑wound

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