air, airline (esp. AmE), airplane (esp. AmE), automobile (AmE), bus, car, coach (BrE), jet, rail, sea, train
domestic (esp. AmE), foreign, international, overseas, transatlantic, world
business, corporate (esp. AmE)
adventure (esp. AmE), leisure
holiday, vacation (AmE)
cheap, concessionary (BrE), discount (esp. AmE), free
return (esp. BrE), round-trip (AmE)

The job involves frequent travel.

interplanetary, interstellar, space
agency, agent, business, company, firm (esp. BrE), industry, market, service

an online travel agent

arrangements, plans
allowance (esp. BrE), budget, costs, expenses
itinerary, schedule (esp. AmE)

Mexico's top travel destinations

ban, restrictions

The new road will reduce travel time to the airport.

season (AmE)

the holiday travel season

sickness (esp. BrE)
book, brochure, guide
literature, writing
companion (esp. AmE)
travel from, travel to

The price includes travel from Bangkok to Phuket.

a/the direction of travel (often figurative in BrE)

The party needs to set out a clear direction of travel for health care.

a/the means of travel, a/the mode of travel

The bus is their preferred mode of travel.

fast, quickly

News travels fast these days.


business people who travel regularly to the US


She travels widely in her job.


The dissidents were unable to hold meetings or travel freely.


I prefer to travel independently.

alone, together

We had to travel separately as we couldn't get seats on the same flight.

first class, tourist class, etc.

I always travel first class.

extensively, far, far and wide

information for the backpacker who wants to travel farther afield

a writer who travels far and wide

abroad, overseas

The job gives her the opportunity to travel overseas.

back, back and forth, down

He travels back and forth across the Atlantic.

north, northwards, etc.
across, along, around, at

to travel at the speed of light

between, by

We decided to travel by car.

around, from, into, round (esp. BrE), through

We plan to travel through Thailand and into Cambodia.

to, with

He travels with a huge entourage.

freedom to travel
go travelling/traveling

When I finished college I went travelling/traveling for six months (= spent time visiting different places).

travel all over the world, travel around the world
travel back in time

In the film, he travels back in time to the '50s.

travel light

She travels light, choosing to use as little equipment as possible.

Travel is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑ball, ↑convoy, ↑eye, ↑gaze, ↑lorry, ↑news, ↑ray, ↑signal, ↑sound, ↑traffic, ↑train, ↑wave
Travel is used with these nouns as the object: ↑circuit, ↑country, ↑distance, ↑globe, ↑highway, ↑length, ↑mile, ↑road, ↑route, ↑world

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