1 buying/selling of goods/services
booming, brisk, burgeoning, expanding, flourishing, lively, roaring, thriving

All around the pyramids, salespeople were doing a roaring trade in souvenirs.

lucrative, profitable
cross-border, external, foreign, global, international, overseas, transatlantic, world
domestic, internal, interstate, regional
export, import, import-export
direct, indirect
free, liberalized

The organization promotes fair trade with developing countries.

legal, legitimate
illegal, illicit

attempts to curb the illicit trade in exotic species

coastal, maritime
agricultural, commercial
merchandise, retail, wholesale

It has been a bad year for the retail trade.

book, fur, ivory, timber, wildlife, wine, etc.
sex, slave
drug, heroin, opium

the area's dependence on the tourist trade

evil (esp. BrE)

the evil trade in drugs

conduct, do, engage in, ply

All manner of street sellers were plying their trade.

boost, build up, develop, expand, increase, promote

a bid to boost foreign trade

He built up a trade in seeds, corn and manure.

damage, harm

A bitterly cold winter damaged industrial output and trade.


The store has lost a day's trade.

ban, restrict
control, govern, regulate

They already dominated the domestic trade in raw jute.

boom, expand, flourish, grow, increase, pick up
decline, fall
balance, figures, performance, statistics
deficit, gap, imbalance
barrier, blockade, boycott, embargo, restrictions, sanctions
dispute, war

The countries were locked in a trade war, refusing to allow imports of each other's goods.

benefits, concessions
accord, agreement, deal, pact, protocol, treaty
negotiations, talks
cooperation, links, network, relations
agenda, policy, practice

The US was accused of employing unfair trade practices.

law, legislation, regime, rules

The five countries formed a regional trade bloc.

delegation, mission

Several local companies took part in a trade mission to Spain.

commissioner, minister, negotiator, official, representative

talks between trade officials from the two countries

mark (usually trademark), name
exhibition, fair, show

The road has been an important trade route since prehistoric times.


the boom and slump periods of a trade cycle

association, body, group, organization

the trade body representing water companies

journal, magazine, paper, press, publication
information, secret

The employees were fired for divulging trade secrets to a competitor.

in a/the trade

She's in the wholesale fruit trade.

These flour sacks are known in the trade as ‘pockets’.

trade between

Trade between the Adriatic ports and their hinterland had grown.

trade in

Steps were taken to ban the trade in ivory.

trade with

The US has restricted trade with India.

2 job

Work in the building trades became scarce.

carry on, exercise, follow, practise/practice

the tools needed to carry on a trade

by trade

She is a carpenter by trade.

a jack of all trades (= a person who can do many different types of work), the tricks of the trade

The experienced artisan would pass on the tricks of the trade to the apprentice.

profitably, successfully

The company openly traded in arms.


publicly traded securities


He claimed that all businesses should be able to trade freely on Sundays.

continue to
cease to

They now trade as a partnership.


countries trading illegally in rhinoceros horn


Early explorers traded directly with the Indians.

cease trading, continue trading

The company has now ceased trading.

trade under the name (of) sth

The company trades under the name ‘Language Solutions’.

Trade is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑share
Trade is used with these nouns as the object: ↑car, ↑insult, ↑security, ↑stock

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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