1 warn sb that you may hurt, kill or punish them
personally, physically

He says he was physically threatened in an attempt to get him to sign over his rights.


She had repeatedly threatened to commit suicide.

allegedly, reportedly

She threatened him with a gun.

feel threatened

I never felt threatened by him.

2 be likely to harm/destroy sth
gravely (esp. AmE), seriously, severely

Our way of life is gravely threatened.

social unrest which seriously threatens the stability of the whole area

constantly, continually

Our marriage was constantly threatened by his other women.

appear to, seem to
be threatened with sth

Many species are now threatened with extinction.

Threaten is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑danger, ↑disaster, ↑rain, ↑union, ↑violence, ↑war, ↑weather
Threaten is used with these nouns as the object: ↑annihilation, ↑boycott, ↑civilization, ↑crackdown, ↑economy, ↑environment, ↑existence, ↑fabric, ↑foundation, ↑freedom, ↑future, ↑habitat, ↑health, ↑industrial action, ↑institution, ↑integrity, ↑interest, ↑liberty, ↑life, ↑litigation, ↑livelihood, ↑neighbour, ↑peace, ↑penalty, ↑rain, ↑rebellion, ↑reprisal, ↑resignation, ↑retaliation, ↑safety, ↑sanction, ↑sanity, ↑security, ↑sovereignty, ↑stability, ↑status quo, ↑stoppage, ↑strike, ↑suicide, ↑supply, ↑survival, ↑veto, ↑viability, ↑violence, ↑well-being, ↑wildlife, ↑witness

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