1 inability to relax
emotional, nervous, sexual

He suffers from nervous tension.

muscle, muscular
feel, suffer from

I feel some tension in my shoulders.


As soon as he entered, he sensed a tension in the air.

cause, create
tension in

The hot bath eased the tension in his body.

a release of tension

Laughter can be a great release of tension.

a sign of tension

Horses are very sensitive to signs of tension in humans.

2 bad feeling between people, countries, etc.
considerable, great, high

More police have been sent to areas of high political tension.

palpable, real
escalating, growing, heightened, increased, increasing, mounting, rising
constant, continuous
continuing, ongoing
fundamental, inherent, underlying
ethnic, political, racial, religious, social
communal, family, internal, international, national, regional
creative, dynamic

the creative tension between democracy and business interests

cause, create, generate
defuse, ease, reduce, release, resolve

She often used humour/humor to defuse tension in meetings.

exacerbate, heighten
build up, grow, increase, mount, rise

In the early 1960's, new tensions arose between the United States and the USSR.

run high

Racial tensions in the town were running high.

tension among

The tension among the audience was palpable.

tension between

tension between local youths and the police

tension in, tension within

The job losses caused greater tensions within the company.

tension over

There has been increased tension over the border incident.

tension with

renewed tension with France

a source of tension

Money was always a source of tension between her parents.

3 of rope, wire, etc.

This old racket needs its string tension adjusted.

in tension

The metal is weak in tension.

under tension

Stay clear of cables which are under tension.

tension on

The sudden tension on the line told me I had hooked a fish.

4 feeling of excitement in a film/movie, etc.

The movie lacks dramatic tension.

build, heighten, increase

the use of editing to heighten the tension

keep, keep up, maintain
build, grow, mount

Tension builds around the mystery of what will happen to Freddie.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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