be, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.
amazingly, enormously, exceptionally, extraordinarily, highly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, prodigiously, supremely, truly, wonderfully

an extraordinarily talented designer

Some of these young musicians are hugely talented.

not particularly
precociously (esp. BrE)

a precociously talented youngster

artistically, musically
Talented is used with these nouns: ↑actor, actress, ↑amateur, ↑artist, ↑athlete, ↑bunch, ↑cast, ↑designer, ↑footballer, ↑gymnast, ↑individual, ↑musician, ↑painter, ↑people, ↑performer, ↑person, ↑photographer, ↑player, ↑programmer, ↑sculptor, ↑singer, ↑student, ↑writer

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