long, rambling
amazing, bizarre, curious (esp. BrE), extraordinary, fantastic, magical, marvellous/marvelous, strange
awful (esp. BrE), sad, sorry, terrible, tragic

the sorry tale of his marriage breakdown

chilling, gruesome, hair-raising, harrowing, horror, macabre
lurid, sordid, tawdry

a dark tale of sexual obsession

mysterious, spooky
funny, humorous, witty (esp. BrE)
fascinating, interesting
fanciful, incredible, tall, unlikely (esp. BrE)

a tall tale that would fool no one

old wives'
coming-of-age, rags-to-riches

the rags-to-riches tale of an orphan who becomes a star

epic, heroic

an epic tale of courage and heroism

cautionary, moral, morality
classic, folk, old, traditional
fairy (often figurative)

Winning the French Open was a fairy-tale end to her career.

gothic, romantic
narrate, recount, regale sb with, relate, tell (sb)

She regaled us with tales of her wild youth.

make up, spin, weave
read, write
concern sb/sth, involve sb/sth
be set in … 

a tale set in 19th-century Moscow

be based on sth
tale about

a tale about a hungry snake

tale of

tales of adventure

the strange tale of the man who sold his hair

a tale of woe (= about failure, bad luck, etc.)
(have) a tale to tell

Each of the survivors had a terrible tale to tell.

tell tales (= to say things about sb that are untrue or that they would prefer to be secret) (BrE)

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