active, ardent, avid, big, close, committed, diehard, enthusiastic, fanatical, fervent, great, keen (esp. BrE), loyal, passionate, stalwart (esp. BrE), staunch, strong

an active supporter of democratic change

The emperor was deserted by his closest supporters before the end of the war.

diehard supporters of the old system

Only stalwart supporters of the team stayed to the end. (BrE)

outspoken, vocal
core, leading, principal, prominent
lifelong, long-time

an area of traditional Republican supporters

government, opposition, party, political
Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Republican, etc.

The party has not been listening to the concerns of its grass-roots supporters.

football, rugby (both BrE)
gay rights, human rights, war, etc.
army, band, crowd, group, legion, set (BrE)

Both sets of supporters applauded the fantastic goal.

attract, mobilize, rally

to attract supporters to the cause


The party is urging supporters to keep up the pressure on the government.


a crowd of cheering supporters

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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