be, feel, look
become, get, grow
remain, stay

We must stand strong in the face of adversity.


The men's golf team finished strong on Saturday.

make sb

All that outdoor work has made him very strong.

keep sth

This news helped keep the dollar relatively strong today.

smell, taste
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

He exerts an extremely strong influence on his classmates.

exceptionally, immensely, incredibly

Sales were surprisingly strong in the second half of the year.


Don't try to go back to work before you are physically strong enough.

The party lacks a strong enough local base.

be still going strong

The business is still going strong.

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Strong is used with these nouns: ↑accent, ↑acid, ↑action, ↑advocate, ↑affection, ↑affinity, ↑alcohol, ↑ale, ↑allegiance, ↑alliance, ↑ally, ↑antagonism, ↑antipathy, ↑appeal, ↑argument, ↑arm, ↑aroma, ↑assertion, ↑association, ↑attachment, ↑attraction, ↑aversion, ↑awareness, ↑back, ↑background, ↑backing, ↑bag, ↑balance sheet, ↑base, ↑beer, ↑belief, ↑believer, ↑bias, ↑bid, ↑bond, ↑bone, ↑brandy, ↑breeze, ↑build, ↑campaign, ↑candidate, ↑case, ↑cast, ↑challenge, ↑challenger, ↑chance, ↑character, ↑cheese, ↑chest, ↑chin, ↑cider, ↑claim, ↑claw, ↑coalition, ↑coffee, ↑colour, ↑comeback, ↑commitment, ↑competition, ↑competitor, ↑condemnation, ↑confidence, ↑connection, ↑connotation, ↑consensus, ↑constitution, ↑contender, ↑contingent, ↑contrast, ↑contribution, ↑conviction, ↑cord, ↑core, ↑correlation, ↑counter-attack, ↑craving, ↑credentials, ↑criticism, ↑critique, ↑cup, ↑currency, ↑current, ↑defence, ↑demand, ↑denial, ↑denunciation, ↑desire, ↑determination, ↑disagreement, ↑disapproval, ↑dislike, ↑dissent, ↑distaste, ↑distinction, ↑dose, ↑drink, ↑drive, ↑drug, ↑earnings, ↑earthquake, ↑echo, ↑economy, ↑effect, ↑ego, ↑electric shock, ↑embrace, ↑emotion, ↑emphasis, ↑encouragement, ↑endorsement, ↑enforcement, ↑evidence, ↑executive, ↑faith, ↑favourite, ↑feeling, ↑fibre, ↑field, ↑fight, ↑finish, ↑flavour, ↑flour, ↑focus, ↑following, ↑foothold, ↑footing, ↑force, ↑fortress, ↑foundation, ↑friendship, ↑front, ↑fundamentals, ↑gain, ↑gale, ↑government, ↑grasp, ↑gravity, ↑grip, ↑ground, ↑growth, ↑gust, ↑hand, ↑heart, ↑hint, ↑hold, ↑hunch, ↑idea, ↑identity, ↑ideology, ↑illumination, ↑imagination, ↑immunity, ↑impact, ↑impetus, ↑implication, ↑impression, ↑impulse, ↑incentive, ↑inclination, ↑indication, ↑influence, ↑instinct, ↑interaction, ↑interest, ↑jaw, ↑language, ↑lead, ↑leader, ↑leadership, ↑leg, ↑lens, ↑letter, ↑light, ↑lighting, ↑likelihood, ↑likeness, ↑liking, ↑limb, ↑line, ↑link, ↑liquor, ↑lobby, ↑loyalty, ↑lure, ↑magnet, ↑majority, ↑male, ↑mandate, ↑market, ↑measure, ↑medicine, ↑melody, ↑memory, ↑message, ↑military, ↑monarchy, ↑moral, ↑motivation, ↑motive, ↑mouth, ↑move, ↑muscle, ↑nail, ↑nation, ↑navy, ↑neck, ↑need, ↑network, ↑nose, ↑objection, ↑odour, ↑opinion, ↑opponent, ↑opposition, ↑overtone, ↑parallel, ↑partnership, ↑passion, ↑performance, ↑perfume, ↑personality, ↑physique, ↑pitch, ↑plastic, ↑player, ↑plea, ↑point, ↑poison, ↑position, ↑possibility, ↑precedent, ↑preference, ↑prejudice, ↑presence, ↑pressure, ↑presumption, ↑prime minister, ↑probability, ↑profile, ↑profit, ↑protest, ↑pull, ↑pulse, ↑push, ↑reaction, ↑reason, ↑rebuke, ↑reception, ↑recommendation, ↑record, ↑recovery, ↑relationship, ↑reliance, ↑reminder, ↑representation, ↑reputation, ↑resemblance, ↑reservation, ↑resistance, ↑resolution, ↑response, ↑restriction, ↑rhythm, ↑rise, ↑root, ↑rope, ↑ruler, ↑rumour, ↑sale, ↑scent, ↑sedative, ↑sensation, ↑sense, ↑sentiment, ↑shade, ↑shadow, ↑shoe, ↑shoulder, ↑showing, ↑side, ↑signal, ↑similarity, ↑smell, ↑socialist, ↑solution, ↑son, ↑squad, ↑stance, ↑stand, ↑start, ↑state, ↑statement, ↑stem, ↑stench, ↑stimulus, ↑stomach, ↑streak, ↑stress, ↑stroke, ↑suggestion, ↑sun, ↑sunlight, ↑support, ↑supporter, ↑suspicion, ↑swimmer, ↑syllable, ↑sympathy, ↑tackle, ↑taste, ↑tea, ↑team, ↑temptation, ↑tendency, ↑term, ↑thigh, ↑thread, ↑tide, ↑tie, ↑tobacco, ↑tooth, ↑tradition, ↑trend, ↑turnout, ↑union, ↑urge, ↑view, ↑voice, ↑warning, ↑whiff, ↑will, ↑willpower, ↑wind, ↑wine, ↑wish, ↑woman, ↑word

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