little, quick, short
five-minute, etc.

The bars are only a ten-minute stroll away.

casual, easy (esp. BrE), gentle (esp. BrE), leisurely, long
moonlit, romantic
midnight, night-time
afternoon, evening, lunchtime (esp. BrE), morning, etc.
be out for, enjoy, go for, go out for, take

They took a leisurely stroll along the river bank.

a stroll away (esp. BrE)

The beach is only a short stroll away.

casually, leisurely, slowly
about (esp. BrE), around, away, back, down, over, etc.

They strolled down to the canal.

across, along, around, through, etc.

He hummed to himself as he strolled leisurely through the streets.

Stroll is used with these nouns as the object: ↑street

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