1 place where trains/buses stop
rail, railroad (AmE), railway (BrE), train
bus, coach (BrE)
metro, subway (AmE), tube (BrE), underground (BrE)

We get off at the next station.

get to, go to

We got to the station just as the train was pulling out.


The bus leaves the station at 09.00 hours.

arrive at

The train arrived at Pisa station twenty minutes late.

car park (BrE), parking lot (AmE)
agent (AmE), manager (BrE), master (usually stationmaster) (BrE, old-fashioned), staff
at a/the station

He got off at the same station.

We waited for him at the bus station.

in a/the station

There's a newspaper kiosk in the station.

2 radio/television company
radio, television, TV
foreign, local
digital, FM, pirate

a digital radio station

cable, satellite
get, pick up, tune in to, tune to

I can pick up a lot of foreign stations on this radio.

listen to
operate, run
air sth, broadcast sth, play sth

The station airs 14 hours of local news per week.

manager (esp. AmE)
3 place/building where service is organized
ambulance (esp. BrE), fire, lifeboat (BrE), police

I went into a polling station and cast my vote.

filling, gas (AmE), petrol (BrE), service
service (BrE), way (often figurative, esp. AmE)

We stopped for a break at a motorway service station.

The UK post was a way station to retirement.

earth, space
radar, tracking, weather
operate, run
close, open
house (AmE)

The police led me into the station house.

forecourt (BrE)

a petrol station forecourt

attendant, manager, owner

a petrol station attendant (BrE)

a gas station attendant (AmE)

chief (AmE)

the CIA station chief in Vietnam

commander, officer (both esp. BrE)

The meeting had to be abandoned after local fire station officer, Dave Temple, was called away to a fire.

Station is used with these nouns as the object: ↑guard, ↑troops

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