1 (BrE) (AmE sports) physical activity done for pleasure
amateur, pro (informal, esp. AmE), professional
high-school (AmE), school (esp. BrE)
college (esp. AmE), collegiate (AmE), intercollegiate (AmE)
motor (usually motorsport in BrE, motorsports in AmE)
do, play

He does a lot of sport. (BrE)

We played sports together when we were kids. (esp. AmE)

be involved in, get involved in, participate in

We encourage the children to get involved in sport/sports.


a campaign to promote sport/sports among women

(The following nouns all follow sports in BrE and AmE.), event
arena, bar, centre (BrE), club, facilities, field (esp. BrE), ground, hall (esp. BrE), pavilion (BrE), stadium, venue

the construction of a new $250-million sports arena

The council has allocated an extra £11 million to a new community sports club. (BrE)

league (esp. AmE)
day (BrE)

the school sports day

programme/program (esp. AmE)

government funding for sports programmes/programs for girls and women

figure, hero, person (usually sportsperson), personality, star
enthusiast, fan
channel, coverage, news, page, section

Sports coverage in the local newspaper is good.

programme/program, show (esp. AmE)
columnist, correspondent, editor, journalist, photographer, reporter, writer
medicine, nutrition
nutritionist, psychologist
goods (BrE) (sporting goods in AmE)
bra, clothing
book, movie

It is one of the best sports books I have read.

shop, store

sports betting on the Internet

in sport

the use of drugs in sport (BrE)

the use of drugs in sports (AmE)

love for sport (BrE), love for sports (AmE), love of sport (BrE), love of sports (AmE), passion for sport (BrE), passion for sports (AmE)

She has a real passion for sport/sport.

the world of sport (BrE), the world of sports (AmE)
2 particular type of sporting activity
mainstream, major, popular

popular sports such as football

minor, minority (BrE)
competitive, recreational (esp. AmE)
contact, non-contact

In theory, basketball is a non-contact sport.

dangerous, risky
indoor, outdoor
winter (usually winter sports)
individual, team
adventure, extreme (usually adventure sports, extreme sports)

the inherent dangers of adventure sports such as mountaineering

field (BrE)
country (BrE)
water (usually water sports)

Combat sports such as karate and judo carry with them the risk of injury.

blood, cruel (esp. BrE)
take up

I need to take up a sport to get fit.


In the 1960s, the Soviet Union dominated the sport of gymnastics.


a campaign to promote the sport among young people

sport of

the sport of boxing

love for a sport, love of a sport, passion for a sport

She has a real passion for the sport.

Sport is used with these nouns as the object: ↑beard, ↑bruise, ↑logo, ↑look, ↑moustache, ↑patch, ↑ring, ↑suntan, ↑tan, ↑tattoo, ↑wig

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