1 making guesses about sth
considerable, intense, much, widespread
further, increasing, renewed
continuing (esp. BrE), endless
mere, sheer

Whether or not he will get the job is mere speculation.

media, press
metaphysical, philosophical
cause, encourage, fuel, give rise to, increase, intensify, invite, lead to, prompt, raise
dampen (esp. BrE), dismiss, quash (esp. BrE)
end, put an end to
indulge in
be rife, run rampant (esp. AmE)

Speculation was rife as to who would be chosen as a successor.

With a lack of credible answers, speculation is running rampant.

grow, mount

Speculation is mounting that a new tax will be introduced.

centre/center on, surround

Much speculation surrounds his role in the crisis.

be based on

amateur speculation based on questionable assumptions

link (esp. BrE)

There has been a lot of speculation linking the defender with a move to Chelsea.

amid speculation

He was dropped from the team amid speculation that he was sick.

speculation among

This issue has attracted a great deal of speculation among economists.

There was wild speculation among the students as to the reason for postponing the lecture.

speculation about, speculation as to, speculation on, speculation over

There has been increasing speculation over the company's future.

a matter for speculation (esp. BrE), a matter of speculation, a subject of speculation
speculation on sb's part

This is just speculation on my part.

2 buying and selling for profit
market, stock-market (esp. AmE)
currency, land, property (esp. BrE), real estate (AmE), etc.
speculation in

speculation in oil

speculation on

speculation on the stock market

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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