1 small bright piece of burning material/electric flash
emit, produce, send, send out, shower (sb with), strike

The firework showered sparks all over the lawn.

We were all showered with sparks.

flare, fly
ignite sth

Flying sparks ignited the dry grass.

a shower of sparks

The grinding wheel sent a shower of sparks across the workbench.

a spark of light
2 small amount of a quality/feeling
little, tiny

A tiny spark of rebellion flared within her.

creative, divine, vital (esp. BrE)

She didn't have a spark of talent in her.


His performances lack that creative spark.

add, create, provide

Her performance added a little spark to the movie.


She felt a little spark of anger.

shoot (figurative)

Her eyes shot sparks of contempt.


Sparks flew (= people got angry) at the meeting.

spark of

He had kindled a spark of interest within her.

a spark of hope/life

a spark of originality

Spark is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑eye, ↑incident
Spark is used with these nouns as the object: ↑alert, ↑backlash, ↑brawl, ↑controversy, ↑conversation, ↑criticism, ↑curiosity, ↑demonstration, ↑discussion, ↑dispute, ↑fire, ↑flame, ↑furore, ↑fury, ↑imagination, ↑interest, ↑memory, ↑movement, ↑offence, ↑outcry, ↑outrage, ↑protest, ↑reaction, ↑revival, ↑revolt, ↑revolution, ↑riot, ↑search, ↑storm, ↑unrest, ↑uprising, ↑war, ↑wave

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