heavy, stout (BrE), strong, sturdy
clumpy (BrE), clunky (AmE)
comfortable, sensible, soft
old, worn, worn-out
dirty, muddy
patent-leather, polished, shiny

She wore a dark blue dress with matching shoes.

designer, fashionable, stylish, trendy
dress, dressy (informal, esp. AmE), fancy (esp. AmE), smart (esp. BrE)
open-toed, pointed, pointy (informal)
flat, high-heeled, low-heeled, platform
buckled, lace-up, slip-on, strappy
canvas, leather, rubber, suede, etc.
boat (esp. AmE), deck
court (BrE)
oxford (AmE)
athletic (AmE), gym, sports, training (BrE)
climbing, running, track (esp. AmE), walking
bowling, golf, skate (= for skateboarding), tennis
basketball, soccer (both AmE)
ballet, pointe, toe (esp. AmE)

a sturdy pair of walking shoes

put on, slip on
kick off, pull off, slip off
tie, untie (both esp. AmE)
lace, lace up, unlace
break in

to break in a new pair of shoes

reheel, repair, resole

I've had my shoes resoled.

buff, clean, polish, shine
fit (sb)
pinch sth

The shoes, though elegant, pinched her feet terribly.


What's your shoe size?

shop (BrE), store (AmE)
company, designer, factory, maker (usually shoemaker), manufacturer
box, rack
insert (AmE), insole

For her feet the doctor recommended shoe inserts.

the heel of a shoe, the sole of a shoe, the toe of a shoe
Shoe is used with these nouns as the object: ↑horse, ↑pony

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