high, low
bottom, middle, top

He took a book down from the top shelf.

bare, empty
glass, metal, wooden
book (usually bookshelf), CD, DVD, video
bathroom, kitchen, library, shop (BrE), store (esp. AmE), supermarket

The supermarket shelves were bare.

closet (esp. AmE)

The cabinet has three shelves.

build, put up

She soon learned how to put up her own shelves.

arrange sth on, display sth on, put sth (back) on, replace sth on, return sth to, stack sth on

I put the box back on the shelf.

restock, stack (esp. BrE), stock (AmE)

He has a job stacking/stocking shelves.

fill, line, pack

The shelves were packed with dolls of every shape and size.

Hundreds of books lined the shelves.


I've cleared a shelf in the bedroom for you.

get sth (down) from, get sth (down) off, pick sth from, pick sth off, remove sth from, take sth (down) from, take sth (down) off

They immediately removed the product from their shelves.

fit on, fit onto, go on, remain on, sit on

Souvenirs filled the shelves.

Her diaries just sat on the shelf for years (= nobody looked at them).

browse, scan, scour, search

She scanned the shelves of the library for new books.


I can't reach the top shelf.

reach for

She reached for the shelf next to the bed.

be full of sth, contain sth, hold sth

Shelves lined the walls behind the long counter.


The medicine has a shelf life of six months.

off a/the shelf

I knocked it off the shelf by accident.

on a/the shelf

the books on the shelves

shelf of

a shelf of books on economics

be filled with shelves, be lined with shelves

The walls of her study were lined with shelves.

a place on your shelves

The book deserves a place on everyone's shelves.

hit the shelves (figurative)

Their new CD hits the shelves in May.

fly off the shelves (both figurative)

The DVD is flying off the shelves.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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