1 number of things that come one after another
entire, whole

He had a whole series of tests.

endless, long

a complex series of events

concert, lecture

a time series showing the pattern of global warming

in a/the series

The quartet will be performing in a series of lunchtime concerts.

series of

a series of events/interviews/meetings/lectures

a series of experiments/studies/tests

Guerrillas launched a series of attacks.

The union staged a series of strikes in April.

the first of a/the series, the last of a/the series
the first in a series, the latest in a series
2 on radio, TV, etc.
radio, television, TV
book, DVD, film, movie, video

the Harry Potter book series

comedy, crime, documentary, drama, reality
animated, anime, cartoon
hit, popular

the hit comedy series ‘Friends’

forthcoming (BrE), upcoming (esp. AmE)
two-part, three-part, etc.

In the first of a special two-part series on the economy … 

commission (esp. BrE)

The BBC has already commissioned a second series.

broadcast, screen

HBO has begun releasing the series on DVD.

be based on

an anime series based on novels by Hiroyuki Morioka

in a/the series

She has a small part in a drama series for radio.

the final book in the series

series about, series on

We watched the final part of a series on Australian wildlife.

an episode of a series, a part of a series
3 a set of sports games
World Series (in baseball)
championship, Test (in cricket)

Australia won the Test series against England.

home (esp. in cricket)
play-off (AmE)
two-game, three-game, etc. (AmE)
season, weekend (both AmE)
lose, win
level (BrE)

India must win to level the series.

in the series

They took the first two games in the series.

series with

The Bronx Bombers won two of three in a weekend series with the Red Sox.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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