noun very short moment of time
brief, fleeting, mere (esp. AmE), split

I only saw the man for a split second as he ran past.

I swam to the other shore in mere seconds.


She had wasted a few precious seconds.

closing, dying (BrE)

His goal in the dying seconds of the game secured Rangers a 3–2 victory.


This will only take a second.


Do you have a second, Miss White?

hang on, hold on, wait

Wait a second—this letter's been sent to me by mistake.


She wanted to spend every second with him.

go by, pass, tick by

The seconds ticked by.

for a second

For a second I thought you were my mother.

I hesitated for a second before speaking.

in a second

I'll be with you in a second.

in seconds, within seconds

Within seconds he had disappeared from view.

a couple of seconds

It took a couple of seconds to realize what was going on.

a fraction of a second

If he'd reacted a fraction of a second later, he would surely have died.

a matter of seconds

The end of the game is only a matter of seconds away.

count the seconds

I was counting the seconds until the bell.

in the final seconds

The game was lost in the final seconds.

(only) seconds left

We only have a few seconds left.

We were three points behind with only seconds left in the game.

with each passing second, with every passing second

The room seemed to grow hotter with each passing second.

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Second is used with these nouns as the object: ↑motion

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