1 piece of jewellery/jewelry
engagement, eternity (esp. BrE), promise (esp. AmE), purity (esp. AmE), signet, wedding
diamond, gold, silver, etc.

She wore a diamond engagement ring.

belly-button, eyebrow, lip, navel, nipple, nose, tongue, etc.

She had a small nose ring.

pinky (AmE)
championship, Super Bowl™ (both AmE)

He has earned three Super Bowl rings in the last four years.

have on, sport, wear

He had a signet ring on his little finger.

His right ear sported a gold ring.

put on, slide on, slip on

He slipped the ring on her finger.

pull off, slide off, slip off, take off

They exchange rings and wedding vows.


She kissed the great ring of the archbishop of Chicago.

finger (= the finger next to the little finger, esp. on the left hand)
box (esp. AmE)

I pulled the small ring box out of my pocket.

2 circle
inner, innermost
outer, outermost

The street plan of the city has evolved as a series of concentric rings.

black, dark

He had dark rings around his eyes.


He can blow smoke rings.


a plate of onion rings

form, stand in

The children formed a ring around their teacher.

ring of

a ring of fire/smoke/stones

in a/the ring

The children sat on the floor in a ring.

3 where a performance, match, etc. takes place
boxing, bull, circus, show, wrestling

He entered the ring wearing his usual outfit.


Ashton left the ring with a nasty cut to the right eye.

in the ring, into the ring

He was back in the ring (= the boxing ring) only a month after the injury.

retire from the ring (= stop boxing)
4 people involved in sth secret/illegal
drug (esp. AmE), drugs (BrE), money-laundering, prostitution, smuggling, spy
be involved in
break up, bust (esp. AmE)

Customs officials have broken up a major drug ring.

5 (BrE) telephone call
give sb

I'll give you a ring once I get home.

Ring is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑alarm, ↑bell, ↑cash register, ↑cellphone, ↑clock, ↑doorbell, ↑ear, ↑mobile phone, ↑phone, ↑telephone, ↑till, ↑viewer, ↑voice, ↑word
Ring is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ambulance, ↑bell, ↑buzzer, ↑cash register, ↑doorbell, ↑hotline, ↑number, ↑peal, ↑reception, ↑switchboard

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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