1 changing the political system
bloody, violent

Thousands of people were killed in the bloody revolution that toppled the government.

bloodless, peaceful
communist, democratic, socialist, etc.
bourgeois, proletarian

Some Marxists still believe that socialism will one day triumph through world revolution.

carry out, fight, foment, stage

The activists were charged with fomenting revolution.

crush, put down
call for
break out
overthrow sth, topple sth

the revolution which overthrew the old regime


the failed 1911 revolution

revolution against

a revolution against communist rule

the outbreak of the revolution
revolution from above, revolution from below (= by people already in power/by people without political power)
the threat of revolution (esp. BrE)
2 complete change in methods, opinions, etc.

There has been a quiet revolution in the way writing is taught.

agrarian, agricultural, computer, cultural, digital, economic, electronic, industrial, information, Internet, political, scientific, sexual, social, technological
achieve, begin, bring, bring about, create, launch, spark, start

The coming of the Internet brought about a revolution in people's leisure activities.

go through, undergo

Marketing has undergone a revolution in recent years.


The last decade has seen a revolution in telecommunications.

embrace, welcome (esp. BrE)

Doctors have welcomed the fitness revolution.

occur, take place

As the 18th century wore on, an agricultural revolution took place.

go on

There has been a revolution going on in farming during the last five years.

transform sth

The computer revolution has transformed the workplace.

revolution in

He achieved a virtual revolution in the way music is recorded.

3 movement around sth; one complete turn
complete, full

One full revolution of the knob will open the hatch.

complete, make
through a revolution

The earth turns through one complete revolution every 24 hours.

revolution about (BrE), revolution around

Jupiter makes a complete revolution around the sun every 12 years.

revolutions a minute, revolutions per minute

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