affirmative (esp. AmE), encouraging, enthusiastic, favourable/favorable, good, positive
lukewarm (esp. BrE), muted, tepid (esp. AmE)
aggressive, angry, negative
adequate, appropriate, correct, proper, satisfactory

This is a normal response to feeling abandoned.


He was not getting the desired response from the audience.


That's the only logical response.

individual, subjective
inadequate, inappropriate, incorrect

incorrect responses in a multiple-choice test


These images are likely to evoke a strong response in the viewer.

prompt, quick, rapid
automatic, immediate, instinctive, knee-jerk

my knee-jerk response to the story

measured, thoughtful

My initial response was one of anger.


his delayed response to the event


The World Bank has postponed an official response to the report.


These are just a few of the possible responses to this question.

behavioural/behavioral, conditioned, emotional, fight-or-flight, physiological
verbal, written
allergic, antibody, immune

the immune response to viral infections

give, make
get, have, receive

Have you had any responses to the advertisement yet?

bring forth, call forth, draw, elicit, evoke, generate, induce, produce, prompt, provoke, stimulate, trigger, yield

His comments drew an angry response from the crowd.

await, wait for

The immune system springs into action to mount a response against the virus.

exhibit, show

Dawn showed no response at all.


We'll coordinate emergency responses from now on.

affect, influence
assess, examine, gauge, observe

He has posted his response on the organization's website.

rate, time

We sent out over 100 letters but the response rate was low (= few people replied).

in response (to)

In response, she stormed out of the room.

response from

The response from local businesses has been muted.

response to

What was their response to the question?

(a) lack of response

Due to lack of response we have had to cancel the event.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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