considerable, enviable, excellent, fine, good, great, high, impeccable

She has built up an enviable reputation as a writer.

legendary, outstanding, stellar (esp. AmE), sterling (esp. AmE), unrivalled/unrivaled (esp. BrE)

the player's legendary reputation for accuracy

awesome (esp. BrE), fearsome, formidable, strong
deserved, well-deserved, well-earned

his undeserved reputation for stinginess

bad, poor, terrible, unenviable (esp. BrE), unsavoury/unsavory

The club has an unenviable reputation for attracting trouble.

The town's unsavoury/unsavory reputation was bad for business.

dubious, questionable

America is struggling to restore its tarnished reputation.

infamous, notorious

He has a notorious reputation of womanizing.

negative, positive (both esp. AmE)

The company has built up a positive reputation.

established, long-standing, solid
intact (only after reputation)

He emerged from the trial with his reputation intact.

international, national, worldwide
personal, public

the need to save his political life and personal reputation

corporate, professional

They may be damaging their corporate reputation.

academic, literary, scholarly, scientific

the school's academic reputation

historical, posthumous

Franklin's historical reputation has fluctuated.

Her posthumous reputation has begun to grow.

enjoy, have

He has the reputation of being a hard worker.

acquire, build, build up, develop, earn, establish, forge, gain, garner, get, make, win

Her international reputation is built on an impressive list of publications.

She garnered a reputation as an incisive commentator.

bolster, enhance, improve

Her extensive research enhanced her reputation.

damage, destroy, hurt, lose, ruin, sully, tarnish

It seems that nothing can tarnish his reputation.

defend, maintain, preserve, protect, secure, uphold
salvage, save

He can still salvage his reputation if he acts quickly.


If the profession wishes to restore its reputation, it must get its act together.

cement, solidify

This cemented his reputation as a civil rights militant.

deserve, live up to

November is certainly living up to its reputation—we've had nothing but rain all week.

live down

She found it hard to live down her reputation as a second-rate actress.

risk, stake

He has staked his reputation on the success of the play.


The country has definitively shed its reputation for economic mismanagement.


The company's reputation suffered when it had to recall thousands of products.

depend on sth, rest on sth

My reputation rests on the success of this party!

be based on sth

That reputation is based on hard work.

by reputation

He was by reputation difficult to please.

reputation among, reputation with

the publisher's reputation among critics

It has given them a good reputation with their customers.

reputation as

You've made quite a reputation for yourself as a rebel!

reputation for

The company has a well-deserved reputation for being reliable.

reputation of

our reputation of excellence in journalism

a loss of reputation
sb's reputation precedes them

His reputation preceded him (= we had heard about him before we met him).

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