1 system of government

Crowds celebrated the downfall of the old regime.

current, established, existing, present
former, previous

An interim government was elected to replace the ousted regime.

conservative, liberal, radical
authoritarian, autocratic, despotic, dictatorial, fundamentalist, totalitarian, tyrannical, undemocratic

dictatorships and autocratic regimes

The tyrannical regime violently repressed any opposition.

brutal, hard-line, harsh, murderous, oppressive, repressive
outlaw, rogue

the threat posed by rogue regimes

communist, democratic, fascist, nationalist, socialist
constitutional, parliamentary
secular, theocratic

collaboration with the secular Egyptian regime

a harsh and unrelenting theocratic regime


In 1940 a puppet regime was established by the invaders.

establish, install, set up
defeat, destroy, overthrow, topple
change, remove, replace

the day he and his regime are removed from power

bolster, strengthen

Education was seen as a way of bolstering the existing regime.

destabilize, undermine
back, support
challenge, criticize, oppose
head, lead

a military regime headed by the general

come to power

The communist regime came to power in 1975.

collapse, fall
govern, rule
pose a danger, pose a threat

These regimes pose a grave and growing danger.


the real war aim of regime change

against a/the regime

She called for sanctions against the regime.

under a/the regime

He spoke of the abhorrent crimes that had been committed under the regime.

regime under

a military regime under Franco

a change of regime
the collapse of a regime, the fall of a regime, the overthrow of a regime
a member of a regime
2 set of rules/procedures
harsh, rigorous, strict
exercise, fitness, health, training
drug, treatment
economic, financial, fiscal, legal, monetary, regulatory

a financial regime imposed by the government

tax, trade, trading
safety (esp. BrE)

the company's outstanding safety regime


a challenge to the global nuclear non-proliferation regime


the UN-enforced sanctions regime

create, set up, start

It will be necessary to create a regime to monitor compliance with the agreements.


A strict regime of exercise was imposed on the children.


He suggested to me that I follow his fitness regime.

be based on sth

a regime based on discipline and training

under a/the regime

Under the new regime you will be liable for automatic penalties for late submission of tax returns.

regime for

the new regime for accounting for charities

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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