1 send back light/heat/sound
dimly, dully

The sun reflected dully off the stone walls.

In Milton's poem, Satan, even after his fall, dimly reflects his former glory.


Light reflects directly off a face of a crystal.


The screen reflects light from the sun.

2 show/express sth
accurately, closely, correctly, faithfully, well

Does this opinion poll accurately reflect the public mood?


The punishment should adequately reflect the revulsion felt by most people for this appalling crime.

merely, simply

This year's budget simply reflects the fact that we have fewer people out of work.

not necessarily

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the editor.

badly, poorly

This kind of conduct reflects very poorly on you.


information that may reflect negatively on research participants


Senegalese culture strongly reflects influences from Islamic rulers.

be designed to

The exhibition is designed to reflect the diversity of the nation and its regions.


The condition of the house is reflected in its low price.

3 think deeply
bitterly, ruefully (esp. BrE), wryly

He reflected ruefully that the his money didn't buy as much as it used to

One good thing, he reflected wryly, was that none of his colleagues would find out.


an opportune time to reflect critically on the city's past

pause to
leave sb to

He was left to reflect on the implications of his decision.

on, upon

She paused to reflect on what she had achieved.

time to reflect

I need time to reflect.

Reflect is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑data, ↑difference, ↑estimate, ↑eye, ↑figure, ↑image, ↑light, ↑mirror, ↑move, ↑music, ↑painting, ↑practice, ↑remark, ↑result, ↑score, ↑trend, ↑view, ↑writing
Reflect is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ambivalence, ↑anxiety, ↑attitude, ↑beam, ↑change, ↑character, ↑complexity, ↑consensus, ↑conviction, ↑credit, ↑culture, ↑desire, ↑difference, ↑disagreement, ↑disappointment, ↑discredit, ↑diversity, ↑experience, ↑extent, ↑fact, ↑feeling, ↑glare, ↑ideal, ↑impact, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑inability, ↑increase, ↑influence, ↑light, ↑limitation, ↑misunderstanding, ↑mood, ↑nature, ↑need, ↑origin, ↑perception, ↑personality, ↑pessimism, ↑philosophy, ↑point of view, ↑preference, ↑radiation, ↑range, ↑ray, ↑reality, ↑reluctance, ↑sentiment, ↑severity, ↑shift, ↑spirit, ↑sun, ↑taste, ↑tendency, ↑theme, ↑trend, ↑understanding, ↑variation, ↑view, ↑viewpoint, ↑wish

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  • reflect — REFLÉCT, reflecte, s.n. (înv.) Reflex. – Din fr. reflet (după reflecta). Trimis de IoanSoleriu, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  REFLÉCT s. v. oglindire, proiectare, răsfrân gere, reflectare, reflex. Trimis de siveco, 13.09.2007. Sursa: Sinonime … …   Dicționar Român

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